AeraMax Air Purifiers

AeraMax Air Purifiers

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AeraMax Professional air purifiers are cutting edge “smart” devices to improve the IAQ and clean the air in a variety of different types and sizes of rooms. These professional grade air purifiers are ideal for healthcare, education, and office applications, as well residential installation.

EnviroSmart™ Technology offers smart sensors that detects sound, motion and odor to identify a room’s state, and then adjusts the device for optimal performance, and efficiency.


AeraMax Pro 2AeraMax Professional AM II: Covers up to 300 square feet  

AeraMax Pro 3AeraMax Professional AM III: Covers up to 700 square feet 

AeraMax Pro 4AeraMax Professional AM IV: Covers up to 1400 square feet 

AeraMax Air Purifiers Explained

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Get coverage in rooms from 300 to 1400 square feet with this professional air purifier from AeraMax. It’s just right for various room sizes such as  public restrooms, small lobbies, medium sized classrooms, and waiting rooms like cafeterias, locker rooms, conference rooms, big classrooms, and more! Our products use uses EnviroSmart™ Technology with smart sensors that detect sound, motion and odor to analyze a room’s condition, and then adjusts the the air purifier for optimal performance, and efficiency.

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