AeraMax Air Purifiers

AeraMax Air Purifiers

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AeraMax Professional air purifiers are cutting edge “smart” devices to improve the IAQ and clean the air in a variety of different types and sizes of rooms. These professional grade air purifiers are ideal for healthcare, education, and office applications, as well residential installation.

EnviroSmart™ Technology offers smart sensors that detects sound, motion and odor to identify a room’s state, and then adjusts the device for optimal performance, and efficiency.

AeraMax Pro 2AeraMax Professional AM II: Covers up to 300 square feet  

AeraMax Pro 3AeraMax Professional AM III: Covers up to 700 square feet 

AeraMax Pro 4AeraMax Professional AM IV: Covers up to 1400 square feet 

AeraMax Air Purifiers Explained

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