Coronavirus Test Kit Instructional Video

DIY Covid-19 Test Kit. Learn in 5 Minutes

This 5 minute instructional video demonstrates how to use the Coronavirus Environmental Test from Building Health Check, LLC. It will outline the contents of the Coronavirus Environmental Screen Test Kit, demonstrate how to properly collect surface swab samples, show how to fill out the Chain of Custody and  explain how to package the samples and send to Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory.



Included in this video:
• Kit Sizes & Contents
• How to Collect Surface Samples
• Instructions for Return Shipping to EDLab


Coronavirus Test Kit

Coronavirus Environmental TestIMPORTANT: Samples MUST be received by EDLab within 24-72 hours of collection to ensure accuracy.


The Coronavirus Environmental Test Kit is designed to determine virus presence and persistence on hard surfaces. Especially frequently touched surfaces like door handles, elevator buttons, desktops, computers, phones, copy machines and many others. It is also ideal for frequently traveled areas like lobbies, hallways, offices, break rooms, bathrooms and more. These all inclusive do-it-yourself test kits give you the ability to collect samples from frequently used surfaces and areas that are then sent to an accredited lab who provides genetic testing and reporting on the presence of the virus.


Overall, the test result is helpful in the investigation of environmental transmission of COVID-19. It is crucial for surveillance and risk mitigation in commercial, educational, healthcare, industrial and public service facilities.

How the Test Works:
Environmental surface samples are collected using an aseptic swab with a synthetic tip that is extracted into a lysate buffer vial. These collected samples need to be received by Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab) within 72-hours. The samples are then analyzed utilizing RT-qPCR technology for either a positive (present) or negative (not present) result.


Covid-19 Test results are precise, consistent and accurate based on the RNA gene expression of the virus. Finally, EDLab sends a user friendly report that’s easy to understand and helpful in providing assurances or determining next steps depending on the results.