Proven Elevator Air Purifier Technology in a Convenient Retrofit Form Factor! 

Elevator Cab Air Purification Helps Create a Safer, Healthier, More Welcoming Buildings

Elevator Air Purification

Elevator Air Purifier is a must. With an estimated 1.1 million elevators in service in the United States right now, there is about 1 elevator for every 300 people in the country. The average elevator trip usually consisted of an average of 5 people in the elevator cab according NEII. That’s why PURE-Cab PC350 was developed. It’s a modern elevator solution requested by facility managers, tenants, patrons, real estate groups, and more. Turn a legacy elevator cab into a fresher, safer space.

PURE-Cab PC 350 Elevator Air Purification neutralizes viruses, mold and bacteria. Additionally, it reduces smoke, dust, pollen and and other particulate. It’s perfect for condos and apartment buildings, mixed use building, shopping malls, and more. It’s just the thing we needed! Proven air purification technology that is cost-effective to solve the current elevator air purification system concerns that exist today. Request a quote now, simply complete the form and we’ll be in touch quickly!

Elevator Air Disinfection

Elevators are the arteries of our buildings that carry our people where they need to go. Because of this, they may in fact be the single most important aspect of risk management to address as buildings continue to re-open. Let your patrons, residents, and employees know that you’ve got their backs. Boost productivity in office buildings, retail spaces, apartment building and big-box stores while also reducing elevator cab odors and neutralizing viral and bacterial particles. Our elevator cab air purifiers provide a cascade of benefits! PURE-Cab is the leading elevator air disinfection/purifier. Developed with though leading Industrial Hygienists, PhDs, and Building Scientists. Contact us today to learn more!

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Elevator Air Sterilizer?

Well, you could call PURE-Cab Elevator Air Purification an elevator air sterilizer. We call it an elevator air purifier. It’s a proven, cost-effective two-stage engineered solution to neutralize airborne pathogens such as viruses, bacterias, and molds while also eliminating odors, VOCs and chemical vapors that are emitted while using cleaning supplies and sanitizing sprays. So, it makes your elevator cars a whole like cleaner, and the air a lot more healthy than it was without it!

PURE-Cab Elevator Car Air Purification helps control virus and mold particles in the air by removing them from the air stream and neutralizing the contaminates. Additionally, PURE-Cab reduces lingering smoke in your elevators as well as dust and odors.

Elevator Air Freshener?

When you purify the air in your elevator cab, it can have a air freshening effect. PURE-Cab Elevator Air Purification helps remove contaminants and VOCs (the gases that we associate with foul odors), thus contributing to a fresher, better air quality in your elevator cabs. PURE-Cab is an elevator air purifier, and does not release any fragrance. It’s important to note that chemical air fresheners oftentimes release harsh volatile organic chemicals into the air, which isn’t good when the goal is to improve the air quality of your elevator. PURE-Cab utilizes proven, cost-effective two-stage engineered technology to neutralize airborne pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and molds while also reducing odors, VOCs and chemical vapors that are emitted while using cleaning supplies and sanitizing sprays. So, it makes your elevator cars a whole lot cleaner, and the air a lot more healthy than it was without it! Request a call to learn more today!

Elevator Air Purification and Sanitation: PURE-Cab

Sustainable Elevator Solutions for Reopening and Beyond

The potential for reducing employee downtime and healthcare costs alone are an economic benefit to owners, managers and occupants that easily make elevator air purification a wise decision. Get the right elevator air purifier that fits your cabs. Contact us today.