F.A.S.T. Micro Test Kit

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FAST Test Kit

FAST Micro Screen Check – A Revolutionary Technique That Helps Identify Indoor Air Contaminants

• Provides Tool for On-Site Detection of a Potentially Toxic Mold; Stachybotrys
• Quick and Easy to Use (See Description Below)
• Same Samples Used by Professionals


FAST Micro Screen Check is a do-it-yourself kit for detecting the presence or absence of Stachybotrys without the need to send a sample into the laboratory. The FAST MicroTest kit is a lateral flow immunochromatographic device that uses antibodies in combination to specifically detect the antigen (in this case, Stachybotrys) in solution. Antigen-specific antibodies are labeled with a colloidal gold derivative. When a sample is added to the Sample Port of the FAST Test strip the sample mixes with the colloidal gold labeled antibodies and then moves along the strip membrane via capillary action.

In the sample window of the test strip, if the antigen is present, a second antigen-specific antibody captures the colloidal gold-labeled antibody and bound antigen, forming a colored line in the sample window, nearest the sample port. This is the sample line. As an assay control, a second line must always form in the Control Window. This control line is an indication that the test strip functioned properly.

The test is invalid if the control line does not appear. Two colored lines are required for a positive result determination. Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab).

Common Symptoms to Look for: Cold-like symptoms, rashes, sinus inflammation, eye irritation, aggravation of asthma, inability to concentrate or fatigue Suggested Sampling Locations: Visible Growth: If you see something growing on a hard surface and think it may be mold but you’re not sure, the FAST Screen Check Kit can be used to collect a sample for instant identification of Stachybotrys.