Halo Disinfection System

Halo Disinfection System™

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You can treat every room in your facility with a proven safe, effective and affordable whole room surface disinfection solution – the Halo Disinfection System TM.

 Go above and beyond, under and around disinfecting technologies like spray & wipe and UV, with a system validated and approved by the EPA to deliver a 6-log kill rate, and proven to reduce infection rates at a competitive per treated room cost.  This Disinfection System delivers hands-free whole room surface disinfection as no one else can.

From hospitals to pharmacies, locker rooms, and classrooms, these diverse environments have one thing in common. They all face the ongoing challenge of preventing pathogens from lingering on surfaces. Halo Disinfection System a full suite of solutions for diverse disinfection demands, bringing the same, outstanding disinfection standard to thousands of organizations across sizes, industries, and applications.

Finding effective hospital disinfectants is a significant challenge for today’s facility administrators and infection control professionals. Unfortunately, many popular solutions lack the efficiency and efficacy required to kill infectious materials in complex hospital environments. These pathogens lurk anywhere—from bedside railings to shadowed corners— and are often beyond the reach of sprays, wipes and UV lights.

The risk of infection is real.

 And so is the solution:

Halo Disinfection System

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