Your Choice for Indoor Test Kits & Solutions

Don’t guess. Test! Our specialty is indoor test kits to analyze the air and environmental health of a building. Our indoor test kits have been designed in conjunction with the team of building scientists at Pure Air Control Services and microbiologists from Environmental Diagnostic Laboratory. These indoor test kits  were made to be affordable and easy to use, putting the power of IAQ testing at even the novice’s fingertips. Our kits are all inclusive, meaning that you test, then send the collected samples to one of our vendor labs. They analyze and in turn send a detailed report of their findings. The report even includes a glossary of terms and aims to explain the results in a way that is east to understand!

Coronavirus Environmental Test Kit is designed to determine virus presence and persistence on hard surfaces. Especially frequently touched surfaces like door handles, elevator buttons, desktops, computers, phones, copy machines and many others. It is also ideal for frequently traveled areas like lobbies, hallways, offices, break rooms, bathrooms and more.

Whether you are a homeowner or a professional facility manager our indoor test kits provide a simple way to get a snapshot of your building’s air quality and environmental health. We know you care about the well being being of your family or occupants of your building. These indoor test kits will give you the data you need to put in action a strategic plan to fix any issue that might be found. We take the guesswork out of that part of the IAQ equation.