MICRO Test Kit

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Micro Screen Check

Micro Screen Check – A Revolutionary Technique That Helps Identify Indoor Air Contaminants

• In the Field Microbial Air Quality Test Kit
• Immediately Detect the Presence of Microbial Contaminants
• Results in Under 10 Minutes
• Simple-All-In-One Test Kit
• No Lab Analysis Required
• Fast and Easy to Use & Interpret
• Affordable

Airborne bacteria and mold (especially black mold) in your home, office or other indoor spaces can be very hazardous to your health, even fatal if not detected and removed. And since dust mites are responsible for up to 60% of asthma cases (and one of strongest allergens in the world), checking the air of your home for these can be very important if you have allergies or asthma.

Many air quality test kits, however, only test for one or the other, which forces you to buy two or more test kits to check for both, which can get expensive. Also, most air test kits also require a minimum of 3-5 days to get results back, which is often too long.

The BHC Micro-Check Instant Airborne Mold & Bacteria Test Kit, however, allows you to quickly check for mold, bacteria, or other indoor air bio-pollutants without having to wait for test results to come back from a lab, with results ready in as little as 10 minutes. This test kit also identifies other harmful pollutants such as viruses, mycoplasma, fungi, algae, pollen, dust mites, and others by detecting a similar protein that is produced by all living micro-organisms.