AeraMax Professional AM II – Wall Mount- Air Purifier

$646.50 MSRP

  • The perfect air purifier for small shared spaces such as restrooms, exam rooms and offices. Features 4 stage filtration system for handling common indoor air quality problems
  • True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne contaminants including viruses and allergens
  • Activated carbon filter reduces odors and VOCs
  • Cleans air for 150-300 square feet spaces
  • Patented EnviroSmart™ technology detects the environment and automatically adjusts performance
  • Slim profile fits compactly in small areas-only 4” from wall
  • Wall mountable, recessed wall mountable and floor stand mountable options

AeraMax Professional AM II – Wall Mount / In Wall Air Purifier

Get wall mount or in wall air purifier coverage for up to 300 square feet with the cutting edge AeraMax Professional AM II. Perfect for small classrooms and hotels rooms! Utilizing patented EnviroSmart™ Technology this device has intelligent sensors that detect sound, motion and odor to assess a room’s condition, and then automatically adjusts for optimal performance, and efficiency to an ideal level of filtration, energy efficiency, and minimal audible operational sound.

Comes with Hybrid filter solution: 1 3/4 inch Carbon and True HEPA.

AeraMax Pro 2 is a wall mount air purifier. It is also able to be mounted as an “in wall air purifier” with the optional flush wall mounting kit. The in wall mounting kit is an ADA compliant mounting option of environments where ADA compliance is required. Additionally, AeraMax Pro 2 is also capable of being used as free-standing, portable air purifier with the optional floor stand. Floor-stand and in wall mounting kits are sold separately. Other filter solutions are also available as well.

Wall Mount and In Wall Air Purifier Mounting Options

Wall mounted air purifier options are important for many commercial, retail, and residential use-cases for a clean and “deliberate” look. Additionally, many locations require Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance so our people with mobility needs are able to navigate without hinderance. AeraMax Professional AM II with In Wall Mounting kit checks all the boxes.