Bacteria Test Kit

$78.00 MSRP

The Bacteria Screen Check is a revolutionary technique that helps identify Indoor Air Contaminants:

• Identifies (3 predominant genus) and Provides Concentration Levels for Bacteria.
• Quick and Easy to Use (See Description Below)
• Includes Sample Collection Device for 1 surface sampling location
• Includes Lab Analysis for Bacteria Emailed in 10-14 Days
• Same Samples Used by Professionals

Bacteria are one of the main sources of indoor environmental contaminants. It may cause severe health and hygiene problems to building occupants.

Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab), will provide a final report included in the cost of this  Screen Check Kit.

Bacteria Screen Check provides the necessary tool to assist in identifying, as well as providing concentration levels of Microbacterium, Micrococcus, and Staphylococcus by using a swab culture technique (Bio-Vial).

Concentration levels of bacterial flora are reported in Colony Forming Units (CFU), and are compared to what is considered to be normal. Speciation Identification of three predominant types can be performed for an additional fee.

Once EDLab receives the Bio-Vial sample for analysis, your lab report will be generated and emailed within 10-14 days. Common Symptoms to look for: Bacterial Infection, Fever, Urinary Tract Infection, Cold & Cough, Pneumonia, etc.