Bed Bug Test Kit

$17.40 MSRP

The Bed Bug Screen Check is an all-new bed bug detection device designed specifically for monitoring bed bugs on a large or small scale – as a part of an inspection and prevention strategy.

• Identifies Bed Bugs
• Quick and Easy to Use (See Description Below)
• Includes Collection Device for 3 locations

Early Detection is the key to effective bedbug management Bedbug researchers and experts all agree: The single most effective way to manage and minimize the bedbug epidemic is to implement effective inspection practices that can help identify a bedbug problem as early as possible and deal with it before it becomes a major infestation.

Bedbugs are an extremely difficult pest to manage and identify and BBSC is simply one tool that can be employed in an effort to monitor bedbug activity. BBSC will not detect bedbugs 100% of the time and it’s entirely possible that bedbugs may be present in a location, but no bedbugs have been found in the BBSC monitors.

Instructions for Use • (1) Fold and tear along perforations to separate sheet into three monitors • (2) Peel off inner release liner • (3) Fold along center perforation • (4) Gently press so that top adheres to bottom – do not squeeze hard • (5) Remove outer release liner and place in desired location • (6) Inspect (details to follow) Placement Recommendations Living Areas The recommended protocol for monitoring bedbug activity in a typical room consists of strategically placing a BBSC monitors in and around areas that people frequent, such as beds, couches, upholstered furniture, and other key areas.