Organic Vapor (VOC) Test Kit

$294.00 MSRP

A number of volatile organic chemicals (VOC’s) exist in the home or office buildings, and these chemicals may be hazardous or toxic in nature. Some of these are commonly known as Volatile Organic Compounds. VOC’s can be found in common items like paints and coatings, cleaning products, and even items like vertical blinds. The Organic Vapor Screen Check can identify up to 150 different chemicals that may be present indoors. This includes almost all of the common vapors that can be found in indoor air.

The Organic Vapor Test Kit screens for, identifies and measures the concentration levels of VOC’s at a desired test location by utilizing an easy to use device called the Bio-Badge. This device can absorb VOC particulates (particles) by collecting air from an area of up to 2800 square feet as it is sampled over a 24-48 hour period (preferred sampling time is 24 hours).

This kit is useful to evaluate the chemical compounds in homes and in commercial establishments including hospitals, schools, hotels, airports, etc.

Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab) will provide a final report included in the cost of the VOC Organic Vapor Test Kit. Concentration levels of VOC’s are reported in parts per million (ppm), and are compared to what is considered to be normal. All compounds can be detected at levels as low as 0.03 parts per million (ppm) for a 24 hour test.

Once EDLab receives the Bio-Badge sample for analysis by our partner accredited laboratories, your lab report will be generated and emailed within 7-10 business days. VOC Test Kit has no hidden fees and includes lab analysis and sample shipping costs.

This report will show detailed information for each pollutant identified as measured in Counts/cm², and will have guidelines for what is considered to be a normal manageable level, as compared to total levels of each pollutant found on the Bio-Scan400.

Once EDLab receives the Bio-Scan400 for analysis, your lab report will be generated and emailed within 3-5 business days. Common Symptoms to look for: Eye irritation, coughing, sneezing, respiratory issues, headache, lethargy, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, tight chest, or dizziness.