Plasma Air 600

  • Home Needlepoint Ionizer
  • Eradicates airborne contaminants
  • Safe, low maintenance, easy-to-install
  • Heavy-duty Commercial-grade construction
  • Sealed, Self-contained unit
  • 24VAC or 120VAC configurations
  • Up to 2,400 square feet
  • Energy efficient: < 1 watt
PURE Plasma Air 600

This unit works with high efficacy on particulate matter, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, odors, and VOCs. Home ionization is made easy.

Bring high performance commercial grade needlepoint ionization to your home HVAC system. Introducing the cost-effective bipolar ionization air purification system, Plasma Air 600. Now you can have the same needlepoint brush-type ionizer technology used by healthcare facilities and large institutions in your home. Bipolar ionization via HVAC ionization systems is proven to be an effect method to help eradicate harmful airborne viruses, mold, bacteria, pollen, and VOCs. Plasma Air 600 is a plasma air purifier, also referred to as bipolar ionization. It’s compatible with both old and new furnaces and HVAC systems.

Home Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization that is Easy to Install

Now our powerful Plasma Air 600 needlepoint bipolar ionization is available for residential buildings and home installations. One ionizer is installed in each of your homes air handlers (AHUs) and can cover up to 2000 square feet. Plasma is perfect for health conscious families, small offices, heath-minded individuals, and more! Plasma Air 600 requires little-to-no maintenance, providing significant cost savings when compared to other options that require expensive refills and regular replacements. See Fig 1. below.

Plasma Air 600

The Plasma Air 600 Series Models 601 / 602 / 603 / 604 are needlepoint bipolar brush-type ionizers producing an equal amount of positive and negative ions neutralizing harmful pollutants and odors. This unit is highly versatile as it may be installed at the fan inlet of an air handling unit, fan coil unit, PTAC, heat pump and a VRF ductless split system. The Plasma Air 600 Series is self-contained in a potted ABS box with a molded flange and mounting holes. The model PA602 and PA603 accept 24VAC respectively 120VAC. The unit is protected with an inline 500mA glass cartridge fuse. Each ionization unit is capable of ionizing a supply airflow of 2,400 CFM. Plasma Air 600’s compact design makes it easy to install and able to fit into even compact home HVAC systems.

Home Ionizers for New and Old AC Systems

Plasma Air needlepoint bipolar ionizers install in the supply air ductwork or air handler as illustrated in Fig. 1. Ionizers go in both new equipment or get retrofitted into older systems. First, the positive and negative ions generated by the device get released whenever air is flowing through the ductwork. Next, the ions form a cluster around harmful viruses, mold, and bacteria. Then, they trigger oxidation in these particle’s cells causing a breakdown of gases. Similarly, ionization eliminates volatile organic compounds and neutralizes odors. Coronavirus is too small to get trapped by most filtration systems. However, when Plasma Air 600 emits negatively and positively charged ions, the virus get lumped into charged clusters of particles and becomes easier for filters to catch and remove it from the air. The result is a cleaner, healthier environment with less risk of infectious outbreaks.