Project Description

Small Sprayer ESS XT-3

$3,600.00 MSRP (Sprayer only)
$6,514.30 MSRP (Sprayer wit Spray Gun)
$2,914.28 MSRP (Spray Gun 6.5″ Barrell only)

  • Self-contained sprayer perfect for small growers, interiorscapes, and retail areas
  • Includes one MaxCharge™ Electrostatic Spray gun
  •  Compatible with most conventional chemicals and fungicides
  • Main tank holds enough mix for 1.5 hours of spraying
  • Power-coated metal cart sprayer
  • Two wheels model. 3-gallon pressurized stainless steel tank.

More features: Main tank holds enough mix for 1.5 hours of spraying. Self Contained, does not require an external air supply. Referred to as the “workhorse” sprayer. Available in 110v (60hz) with a 10 ft. electrical cord. Compatible with all conventional chemicals and fungicides. Twin-line (air and liquid) hose length of 25ft standard; 50 ft optional extension.