PURE Plasma Air 600

Plasma Air 600

Now our powerful Plasma Air 600 needlepoint bipolar ionization is available for residential buildings and home installations. One ionizer is installed in each of your homes air handlers and can cover up to 2000 square feet.

PURE Plasma Air 660

Plasma Air 660

The Plasma Air PA660 series are needlepoint brush type ionizers producing an equal amount of positive and negative ions neutralizing harmful pollutants and odors. The PA660 includes dry contacts which can indicate ionizer functionality…

PURE Plasma Air 7000

Plasma Air 7000

The Plasma Air 7000 Series are needlepoint type ionizers producing a balance of positive and negative ions. With a maximum CFM of 6,000 with the 7401 model (models include 7200 – 2,800 cfm, 7300 – 4,200 cfm, and 7400 – 6,000 cfm).

PURE Plasma Bar

Plasma Air Bar

The Plasma BAR is a needlepoint type bipolar ionizer arranged in a long, narrow bar design. The unit is installed at the air entering side of the cooling coil of an air handling unit (AHU) or roof top unit (RTU).

PURE-Plasma Air Bar-X

Plasma Air Bar-X

The Plasma Air BAR-X is a needlepoint type bipolar ionizer arranged in a long narrow design and produces 35 million positive and negative ions per cubic centimeter when tested at 1” from the bar. The ionizer is installed on the entering side of the cooling coil.

PURE-Plasma Air 660

Plasma Air 100 Series

The Plasma Air 100 Series Models 101 / 102 / 103 are single-tube units that can be installed in ductwork utilizing the pre-drilled flange and factory applied gasket. The installer makes a duct cutout and secures the unit with self-tapping sheet.

PURE-Plasma 200 Series

Plasma Air 200 Series

Plasma Air 200 Series ion generator is a two-tube commercial quality unit with an airflow capacity from 4,000 to 5,000 CFM (Option D,E). Units are intended for installation in air handling units (AHU),  furnaces, or duct systems.

PURE-Plasma Air 50

Plasma Air 50

The 50 series ion generators are 5 tube industrial quality units intended for installation in air handling units or in duct systems for commercial and industrial facilities. The number of units and the size of the ionization tubes are dependent upon the system airflow.

PURE-Plasma Bar Control Panel

Plasma Bar Control Panel

The Plasma Air BAR and Plasma Air Bar-X ionization assembly is powered with a remote Control Panel. The Plasma Air BAR Control Panel includes a monitoring circuit to verify operation status.

 Duct Mounted Ion Sensor

In Duct Ion Sensor

The Plasma Duct Mounted Air Ion Sensor is designed to sense the presence of ions in a duct and help monitor the status of bipolar ionizers in a system performance. The unit is installed on the side of the duct utilizing the pre-drilled mounting brackets.

PURE-Plasma Airflow Switches

Airflow Switches

Ionization units should be powered when there is air flow in the system. The Plasma Air Model AFS-MF provides a convenient method for powering Series 100 and 200 Ionization Units. The AFS-MF is equipped with a pressure switch.

PURE-Plasma Air Ion Meter

Air Ion Meter

The Air Ion Meter is an ion sensor with a digital readout specifically designed to measure the effectiveness of air ion generators in commercial, institutional and residential applications. The meter is designed for ease of use.