Each indoor environment is a complex ecosystem which is effected by heating, cooling and ventilation systems, building construction, age, lighting and infrastructure, building use, as well as factors outside of the building’s envelope such as geographic region, wildfire smoke and contaminants and more. Before any product is brought to market extensive research, testing and comparisons are completed. The indoor air quality and environmental solutions that we offer fit together as a formula for improved indoor environmental quality. We advise first testing the indoor environment. This identifies the baseline of your building. Then, you’re better prepared to treat the problems identified. Potential solutions are often easy and practice to implement, such as an appropriately qualified air purifier., increased filtration or bipolar ionization. We’re here to help you with all of your indoor environmental related questions. How can we help you today?
Indoor Air Quality Test Kits

Those kits are for the do-it-yourselfer and professional. Now it’s possible to test your indoor air for a wide range of contaminants such as mold, fiberglass, various allergens, wildfire smoke particulate, and environmental COVID-19 and more. Coronavirus Environmental Test Kit is designed to determine virus presence and persistence on hard surfaces. Especially frequently touched surfaces like door handles, elevator buttons, desktops, computers, phones, copy machines and many others. It is also ideal for frequently traveled areas like lobbies, hallways, offices, break rooms, bathrooms etc. Learn more…

Evalu-Aire Test Kits for Multiple Contaminants

We also provide Evalu-aire Test Kits used in testing for multiple indoor environmental contaminants. We offer a variety of Evalu-aire Test Kits that can used in different situations for different levels of testing. Whether for home use or full forensic level assessments of building health Evalu-aire Test Kits come in a size for every need. Learn more…

Pure Plasma Bipolar Ionization

PURE Plasma Air Bipolar Ionization helps provides cleaner, healthier indoor air quality (IAQ) in the following environments: Residential, Institutional, Commercial and Industrial. It reduces bacteria, airborne particles, mold, odor and improves IAQ thereby boosting living comfort and boosting productivity. It neutralizes VOC’s, chemicals and kills bacteria and viruses. Learn more…

Air Purifiers

AeraMax Professional air purifiers are cutting edge “smart” devices to improve the IAQ and clean the air in a variety of different types and sizes of rooms. These professional grade air purifiers are ideal for healthcare, education, and office applications, as well residential installation. EnviroSmart™ Technology offers smart sensors that detects sound, motion and odor to identify a room’s state, and then adjusts the device for optimal performance and efficiency. We also carry the smaller and advanced Dyson Air Purifiers using Air Multiplier Technology.

Miscellaneous Products and Supplies

Indoor Air Test offers Home and Professional IAQ Equipment and Tools to our affiliate, distribution and reseller partners, as well as others within the trade. This Professional IAQ Equipment are the necessary instruments needed to collect the accurate data and sample to assess the environmental health of a building.